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t is a fact that 95% of Home Burglaries happen to houses that do not have a working Intruder Alarm with a percentage of the remaining 5% happening due to leaving doors and windows wide open etc. 

Another fact is that a lot of Wireless Alarm Systems found in D.I.Y, outlets do not quite cut the mark.  A saying i found true was "you pay for what you get", well, when it comes to Wireless Alarm Systems, this is a true statement.

 We understand the cost and the efficiency of using D.I.Y equipment, only if you get it yourself and have a go at installing it, but when a professional Alarm installer provides you with a D.I.Y system and gives the impression that this the best thing since sliced bread, then sorry but it's wrong.

At ABSOLUTE alarms liverpool, we only use Class 2 / 3 Wireless Alarm systems.  You can find out more information down this page about the products we use.


We try to install your Wireless Alarm System, within 24Hrs, of receiving your call or request.

After your Alarm System has been installed, we will take you through the process of using your new system, things such as changing the codes, setting, unsetting the system, key fobs, and anything you wish to know

We can provide a full battery replacement service, or we will guide you through the process of changing them yourself, the batteries require changing about every 18 months or so.

just contact myself  Chris Saphier, direct and I will help you with any questions you may have.


We will build your alarm system around you and your requirements. 

as well as providing you with the best in Wireless Alarm Systems, 

We will give you a FREE dummy bell box, as well as an additional internal sounder 

to complement your new system and make it complete.

The Infinite Prime Wireless Burglar Alarm System

You have peace of mind when you purchase an Infinite alarm. 

We 100% guarantee it against outside intereference caused by electrical or radio interference.  This includes, computers, mains power, CB radios, taxis, any interference.  The FM transmitters within this system have high security data encryption making use of a rolling code facility which makes the chances of any other transmitters accidentally using the frequency highly unlikely, in the ratio of 1,000 000s : 1.

 The Prime is the newer version of the standard Infinite control panel with a host of additional features:

  • Voice Dialler Included
  • Message Centre(leave a speech message for another user) e.g. “get your own dinnerI have to work late”
  • SMS Text Messaging Status Reports Via SMS Text Messaging (GSM module required)
  • Blue LCD Backlit Keypad
  • Takes Wired LCD Keypad
  • Auxiliary 12v Supply output
  • Voice Output for System Status “system arming” etc ideal for the partially sited

Whilst Infinites primary role is that of a high security intruder alarm, its full capabilities can offer the end user many functions that at last combine protecting the property with helpful features that will be used every day. Wireless smoke detectors and X10 modules to control electrical appliances can be easily fitted to the system.


Designed to give you peace of mind, by combining industry-leading intrusion detection with the latest


in wireless technology.




PowerMax Complete Features

  • Built-in PSTN communicator.
  • Easy-to-add internal GSM/GPRS and/or IP* communications modules for maximum alarm reporting reliability to the central station and back-up for the standard PSTN lines.
  • Voice functionality option (at the manufacturing level): two-way voice communication, voice prompts and family message center.
  • Optional proximity reader enables rapid arming and disarming without the need for a keyfob.
  • Expander module for adding 1 PGM output, 2 additional hardwired zones, 1 wired siren output, and Speech Box interface.
  • Choice of external or internal (fully protected) power supply.
  • Two-way RF system with diversity antenna facilitates highly reliable radio communication.
  • Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (Optional).
  • Easy-view LCD display and icon-based keypad.
  • Back-up battery – supplies multiple peripherals and also backs up internal 
    GSM/GPRS/IP modules.
  • Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including: FCC, CE and EN50131 grade 2.

Based on the latest wireless technology, our alarms offer unsurpassed reliability and proven performance that they are the choice of installers, homeowners, monitoring companies and national utility companies. Hundreds of thousands of families in more than 80 countries rely on Visonic wireless alarm systems to protect their homes

This is our most popular wireless system we are installing around homes in merseyside, you could have a system installed within a few hrs of making your call to us . 

The Wireless Alarm industry is a very complex industry, there are sometimes more answers than questions. we can offer a lot more, but the aim of this website is to keep things simple, so the domestic customer can gain some understanding, of what could be right for them.

Above are just two units, that we offer, CONTACT myself Chris Saphier ABSOLUTE alarms liverpool, and I will help you set up whats best for you.

CALL 0151 476 2421

COMING SOON TO ABSOLUTE alarms liverpool. 


Honeywell Galaxy Domonial Wireless

Kit Includes. 1 x Galaxy 2-20 Control Panel, 1 x Radio Portal RF Interface, 2 x Wireless PIR's, 1 x Wireless Door Contacts, 1 x LCD keyPROX Keypad, and free installation.

  • Stylish design
  • Tactile backlit rubber buttons
  • Full system control
  • 2 alphanumeric backlit display
  • Tamper protection
  • Can be mounted remotely from the panel up to distances of 1000m
  • Can be set/unset with PIN, card or tag
  • ASK format, card ‘self-learn’ capability
  • Dual action functionality, simple set/unset operation removes the need for PIN entry
  • Easy installation
  • EN50131-1 Security Grade 3, Environmental Class II
Wireless PIR Features
  • 11M x 12M detection range
  • Patented Look-down Mirror
  • EN/TS50131-2-2 Grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • Front & Rear Tampers
  • Dual Protocol for Compatibility with Domonial, VISTA and Galaxy systems
  • Battery Life: >4.5 yrs Domonial, >3 yrs Galaxy
  • 10 minute Auto test with active LED
  • Advanced Dual Slope Temperature Compensation
  • Selectable Pulse Count and Sensitivity
  • Bi-Directional RF communications
  • Stylish and practical housing design
  • Operating Temperature -10° C to 55° C
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 6 x 4 cm
Door Contact Features:
  • EN50131-1 Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • New “alpha” radio protocol
  • Power supply : 1 battery LI03V (supplied)
  • Battery life : ~5 years
  • Tamper : opening and wall mounted
  • Size : 100x22x23mm